Outreach and Education

We put a very strong emphasis on education and outreach, always striving to bring the string quartet repertoire to as wide an audience as possible. We strongly believe that music has the power to inspire and change lives and we are dedicated to bringing this ideal to all age groups and to people from all walks of life! We frequently perform in schools and hospitals. See below for some examples of what we can offer:

Interactive concerts

We believe in making classical music accessible to all generations and we perform and talk to groups about the wonderful string quartet music that is out there. We choose repertoire that we love ourselves and present ourselves and the music in an informal and stimulating way; inspiring, educating, telling stories about the music, the composers, and life as a string quartet!

Chamber coaching

We offer half or full days of intense coaching for chamber ensembles of any age or standard. (This doesn’t have to be strings only!) Although we are happy to start from scratch with newly formed groups, we recommend that groups prepare music in advance of the sessions so that they can benefit more from what we have to offer. These can be one-off courses or we can arrange a series of courses, culminating with a showcase of the ensembles involved. The coaching can be private or in the masterclass format, allowing the students to benefit from watching their colleagues learn the skills involved in playing as a chamber musician. Lecture recitals

These are aimed at higher level school students (from GCSE level) to university students. With focus on the works included in the syllabuses we deliver stimulating lectures involving performances of the works, followed by comment and discussion. For larger groups we tend to format our sessions as presentations. For smaller groups we encourage discussion, inviting the participants to take a more active role. These recitals are very flexible in terms of time and content, depending on the level and the number of participants.

GCSE and A-Level

We run a variety of different workshops that cover a number of essential parts of the curriculum. These include: lecture recitals, throughout which we play and discuss set works. Composition workshops, during which we perform and discuss the students’ composition coursework. These can be one-off sessions, or arranged as a series of sessions whereby, acting as guides, we can work more closely with each individual student throughout their course.

Please contact by either emailing us or give us a ring (details below) to find out more about what we can offer. There is no greater joy that inspiring others with our love of the string quartet and we welcome any suggestions or requests, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Email: marmenquartet@gmail.com Telephone: 07590110087